BE90 - A enter at working trot, proceed down the centre line, tracking left or right

Make sure you are straight before you enter the arena at A.  

This is the first movement the judge will see so make a good impression.  

To get a straight line have level contact in the rein and ride to C with your legs on.  


Look at or over the top of the judges car not at C, or the ground or your horses neck as this will unbalance yourself and the horse! When you track left or right make sure you balance before the turn which will help you be balanced and set up for the corner to prepare for your next movement.  

In this video it is a young unbalanced horse and I could have asked the horse to wait before the turn therefore, creating a comma before the turn.

Make sure you ride into the corner rather than shave it off.

This will give you plenty of time to set up for your next movement. Practice this at home, even in a field picking a point to ride to.