Exercise 3 - Canter a figure of 8 over an upright fence

  • This exercise has the same principles as the trot and pop but without the trot poles.

  • I never use trot poles when cantering to a fence as it may encourage a horse to step into a ditch on the cross country as they could read the ground line as a trot pole.

  • It is important to keep the rhythm of your horse to and away from the fence.

  • Make sure you keep the balance and energy on the turn

  • Practice circling and downward transitions after the fence.Keep yourself relaxed and if you find you are getting tense, halt or walk, relax and breathe and then start again when you are ready.

  • When you can ride this in a rhythm then you can add another fence further down the arena and link the 2 together.

  • Always keep these fences small so that your horse gains confidence.