Exercise 5 - Canter Rhythm

This exercise is to teach the horse to maintain a rhythm. 

  • The poles are spaced evenly apart at 2.75 - 3metres for a horse. It is worth putting just 3 poles out first and riding your horse to check the distance is comfortable for them. Adjust them as necessary so your horse is able to be relaxed going through.

  • If your horse finds it difficult then just use 3 poles until they feel comfortable through them  - you could have 2 lots of 3 poles in different places.

  • This horse performs the task well and maintains his rhythm throughout the exercise.

  •  He has good self adjustment on the first pole when necessary.  He also maintains this rhythm once the middle poles have been removed.  This takes practice and repetition to be established.

  • As a rider you should keep your legs on, sit tall, keep your elbows elastic and follow the movement of the horse.  Make sure you don’t drive your horse with your seat, let the poles come to you.

  • If the horse rushes through or  touches the first pole it may make them wrong to the remaining poles. If this happens go back to walk after the last pole and then start again.  

  • The key is repetition

  • Once your rhythm is good with the poles take out the middle ones and do the same with just 2end  poles and see if you can keep the same rhythm.

  •  This part should only be done once the first aspect is successful so it may take a few sessions before you get to this stage.