Exercise 6 - Grid Work

There are many ways to set a grid up and this video is just one of them. 

  • The exercise in this video is where to work towards

  •  Grid work teaches horses to be agile and athletic.  

  •  For training purposes you should use small fences which will build your horse's confidence. 

  • The distance set between the fences and poles will vary according to the size of the horse or pony and the length of his stride. 

  • For my 17HH horses I tend to have the bounces at  2.75 metres to 3 metres depending how hard I want them to work and what their ability is.

  •  If you want to have 1 canter stride between fences then you need to walk out 8 human strides, 2 for landing, 4 for the stride and 2 for take off. - approximately 6m 20cm for horses, and smaller for ponies.

  •  To help horses stop rushing follow all the previous videos in this series and then start with bounce grids. 

  • They shouldn’t be big and if you use cross poles it helps to keep you both straight down the centre. 

  • As my horses work with grids a lot I have left poles on the ground, but you should really keep them to one side and bring them in as needed.  

  • This horse can rush down a grid 

  • To start with he inverts but as we repeat the exercise so his shape and control improves. 

  • The bounce at the end of the line makes them think quickly with their feet and props them back on their hind legs - 

  • this is particularly good for those horses that bound on and fall on their forehand.

  • The aim is for the horses to maintain their rhythm. 

  • It is important for the rider to keep their leg on into, through and away from the grid.  

  • If you take it off part way through the horse will drop behind the leg and then may not have enough power to finish the exercise.