FLATWORK BASICS - How to ride a 15m circle

Smaller the circle more balanced the horse has to be.

Make sure you work on this in your warm up before you start the circles.

Start on a bigger circle first.

To help them maintain their balance keep your inside leg to your outside rein.

This will help the continual turn.

Keep the stride small enough and active until they have natural self carriage.

Keep your Rhythm.

It is useful to use cones until you are familiar with the size of the circle.

For circles at A and C you should ride at 7.5 metres from the centre line at the widest point and 5 metres short of X (in a 20mx40m arena).

For circles at E and B you should ride 7.5 metres from X on either side and touch the ¾ line opposite the letter you started at.

Remember to ride forward at all times.

This applies to walk, trot and canter.