FLATWORK BASICS - How to ride a 20m circle

Use the corner BEFORE you start the circle.

Do not ride into the arena corners on the circle.

Ride with your inside leg to your outside rein and keeping the hind leg active you will keep the horse on the circle track.

If they are not active behind you will lose the shape of the circle through their shoulders.

Keep the horses body bending round your inside leg, with a slight flexion through the neck.

Keep your Rhythm.

You should look round your circle at all times and bring your inside shoulder slightly back to help guide the horse.

When starting at A or C you should touch the track at the widest point and ride through X.

When you start at E or B your widest point should be 10m from X on both centre lines as you cross them.

Touch the outside track at E and B.

Use cones at these points to help you familiarise yourself with the shape of the circle.