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How to engage the hind leg - Canter poles in a straight line

Place 2 poles randomly in a straight line

This exercise develops the horses strength and adjustability

Warm your horse up before the exercise and make sure you are able to have a rhythmical canter with the horse working with active hind legs.

The aim of the exercise is to be able to canter between the poles adjusting the number of strides between them.

When you first start make sure you have a forward canter and repeat a few times so the horse learns to adjust if they need to.

When they are comfortable count the number of strides between the poles so you know what their comfort number is.

Your horse may find it difficult to shorten, but keep quietly asking and they will learn.

When you want to increase the number of strides make sure you are sitting tall, equal weight in your stirrups and ask the horse to collect his canter - make small adjustments

In this video you can see how I vary the number of strides I ask for.

This helps the adjustability you will have on a cross country course and establishing the correct canter for a particular fence.