How to engage the hind leg - Leg yield on a circle

The Purpose of the exercise is to teach your horse to engage it’s inside hind leg and step through to cross over behind.

The exercise will help to increase connection from the hind legs through to the contact by working over their back

It helps to increase suppleness

and encourages your horse to move off your inside leg

This exercise should be done in walk when first introducing to your horse.

Ride a 15 metre circle a few times and then leg yield out to the 20 metre circle repeat

Remember to do this equally on both reins.

Ask for inside flexion

Keep the Contact in the outside rein

Use your inside leg to guide the horse into the outside rein

As demonstrated you can leg yield a few steps then ride forward then repeat

This is particularly helpful when horses first start the exercise or are not strong enough to leg yield for a long period of time.