How to engage the hind leg - Half halting in trot

Half Halting is an aid to improve balance before a movement.

I think of it as rebalancing the horse but the general term is half halting.

You do not actually halt but keep your legs on, sit tall, balance in the centre of the saddle and ask the horse to “whoa” momentarily.

This will help contain the power from behind and re-establish the connection.

When you first start practicing this do it before a corner or turn as this will help the horse come under from behind and balance ready for the next movement.

In this video I also practice on a diamond

It can also be done on a square

When you have asked the horse to half halt don’t hold it and block them

Ride forward into the next movement.

As you can see in this video the half halts I have done are exaggerated so that it is clear for you to see.

Half Halting is very discreet and should be barely visible to the eye.

You only rebalance (half halt) over a few strides.