How to engage the hind leg - Walk, trot poles on a circle

Establish a good walk and trot before you start this exercise

As you can see I lay the poles out in a fan

Use the inside for walk, middle and outside for trot.

Make sure you work in each direction the same number of times so you work both sides of the body equally.

You must have equal leg to rein contact and make sure you look around to where you are going.

If you look down you will unbalance the horse.

This exercise works on the suppleness of the horse and helps them to work around your inside leg as well as engaging their hind legs.

If you have the poles evenly spaced it helps them work in a rhythm.

On the third walk circle the horse tripped on the first pole because the walk was lazy but I kept the leg on to continue the exercise.

So make sure you have active hind legs before going over the poles.

The inner end of the pole should be 90cm and the outer 1metre 25. You may need to adjust slightly depending on your horse’s stride.