Don’t put off ‘till tomorrow what you can do today….

We had a quiet beginning of the week but Monday and Tuesday was spent unpacking and faffing around from Osberton - we usually unpack the day we get back but as we weren’t back home until 10.30 this really wasn’t very appealing having been away for 5 days!

It then seemed to take longer than usual but I suppose that is because we were doing it in between normal daily routine and exercise- but we did slightly regret having left it!

Coming out of the competition well

The Partner (Conquer) and Ballycoog Breaker Boy (William) both had a gentle hack on Monday which is my usual routine after a competition, so that I can feel how they are and check their soundness.

I was really pleased how they both came out of the competition and neither felt tired or lethargic in anyway. In fact quite the opposite.

They have both now finished their seasons and it was great that we finished on a good note with both of them. The other horses had had a break while I was away so they had a schooling session and I was surprised that they weren’t really fresh but worked well.

Winter Admin and plans

As the season is quietening down it is a chance to plan, structure and action the administrative side of Will Rawlin Eventing.

There is some exciting content coming in the next few months so keep an eye on my social media and website for updates. To get the ball rolling we had a brainstorming meeting on Thursday and further dates put in the diary.

This feels very alien to me and I actually find it very exhausting being shut in a room and having to communicate and use my brain in a very different way!!

Monthly Training

It doesn’t seem long since John was last here but it was time for our monthly training session again. I only had 6 lessons this visit as Vinnie is on holiday and William and Conquer didn’t need a jump session having just been at Osberton.

It was great that John also felt that William and Conquer had come out of Osberton so well and felt they had come out of it in a better place than they went in. William certainly grew up there and Conquer got his Mojo back and it is great to have him back on side.

Vino and Dom had 2 lessons each as they have a couple of runs still before their rest. We also took the opportunity to practice me talking in front of a camera whilst on and off a horse.

I really do not enjoy this aspect of social media and hate the sound of my own voice, but, it has to be done.

Rain, Wind and Misery

As we started our season late I think we have only had a couple of wet competitions this season and Saturday was a stark reminder of how bonkers we are to do this sport in such foul weather. V.I.P. Vino (Vino) also agreed. His behaviour the whole day was appalling and tested my patience!!

We were at Calmsden Horses Trials and he did some really cracking work in his test but ruined the whole thing when he decided to go up on his hind legs and threw a tantrum - he nearly had me off as I couldn’t have my neck strap on in the test and that is my go to safety strap when he does this.

Sadly it is not out of character but he has been soooo much better this year he slightly took me by surprise. This behaviour continued into both warm ups for the sj and xc which got some interesting comments from spectators. He really is a fair weather player but he has to toughen up!

Stardom (Dom) on the other hand made up for what could have been a shocker of a day. He posted his best test by far and got 27.3. Followed by 1 pole as he lost impulsion into the 3rd fence but then did a stormer of a cross country round. This was only his fifth competition and he is learning every time he goes out.

He had his first top 10 finish and I am sure this will be the first of many.

Sunday was by no means a day of rest with riding all the horses and making the most of the lovely weather but much of the afternoon and evening were spent on sorting content for social media and planning.

2 more competitions to go!!!

Journal photo credit @williamcarey