Strange start to the week

Strange start to the week

This is becoming too regular - I started the week sitting in a meeting all day. This is very alien to me and I find it strange not being outside in the yard. This was planning the next few months website changes and social media structure combined with new plans for the new year. More news on this over the next few months!!

I also handed my notice in as we are very excited to be moving yards. We are not moving far and the facilities are very good and we will still have a self contained barn. The great thing is we are not having to move house this time, as we have done this three times in the last 3 years which is always stressful to say the least when you move yards as well. We will move towards the end of November.

Chance to remedy

Martyn our farrier came this week to start the winter shoeing programme as some of the horses need a touch of remedial work to maximise their performance next year. These are all short term changes in their shoeing for long term benefits. They are to support them so that they have slightly different foot balances therefore giving them the opportunity to become stronger in the right places. Martyn has waited for the season to finish to do this as some of the shoeing you wouldn’t compete with. This weeks Photo is of Vinnie’s short term changes to encourage him not to land on the outside of his hind feet and land more evenly. This will give him a broader base so therefore he will have more power to work with. This will not only help his jumping but also his dressage. We will not be competing with this design of shoe!!


Still at the gallops

William and Vino (our 2 biggest horses) went to the gallops for some canter work. This is to help strengthen them before they have their winter let down rather than for fitness work. They both trotted up first and then I cantered them up once each really making sure that they were working correctly and using their hind legs rather than pulling through their shoulders. They will do this a few more times.

My winter purchase

Tuesday I headed over to Wales to go and look at a young horse who has been handled and had tack on. He is a lovely stamp of horse and I really liked how he moved. This will be something different for me as I have never backed a horse but hope he will be on side and work with me. I reckon if I have been able to get Vino competing then most other horses will be a relative walk in the park. Just waiting for the vets report so fingers crossed I will be able to buy him this coming week.

Back to the gym

It felt so good to finally be back at the gym with Adam. This time in his own gym .He and Alix have done a cracking job on creating this gym and have taken their time to make sure everything is right. They have crossfit classes as well as others and private PT classes. I haven’t been to the gym for nearly 2 months as Adam stopped teaching as he was putting all his effort into getting this ready on time. I didn’t really want to work with anyone else as his training really works. Sadly it did mean that I have noticed the effects of not going and have been surprised by this. I am glad I have the winter to get back in shape ready for next year.

Stardom was a star

What a super way for Stardom (Dom) to finish his first season Eventing. Despite the wind he kept the lid on it and produced a nice test and finally got the double clear that he is more than capable of producing and finished 3rd at Bovington. Luckliy the rain had moved west so we had a nice dry, warm but windy competition. It was good for him to finish doing such a strong confident Xc clear and shows how much he has come on in the few events he has done. When we got him back in February he tended to rush into fences and also pull himself over them rather than bascule and jump correctly. He is finally getting there and with more strength he will have a very good jump. I am very excited about his future and it is nice to have a more normal sized horse to compete.

With one more event next weekend we are now looking forward to the off season and although it won’t be feet up time the daily pressure will be reduced and the horses will be able to take a deep breath.