Thanks 2018... it's a wrap!

That’s a Wrap!

The season is finished for us.

It is a strange feeling that the season has finished as it seems to have gone so quickly, on the other hand it seems to have gone slowly!!!

Looking back at the season it has been a good year in many ways particularly in the horses development from start to finish. Some results were so near to being big ones! The horses may not have been big wins but they have had their own achievements which are good building blocks for the future.

No one horse stands out more than the others for me this year. They have all given me different reasons to be proud of them.

V.I.P Vinnie (Vinnie) has obviously given me my first taste of 3* and has been very consistent. He has got better through the season and it’s exciting that he has got so much more to come. The two xc errors were both mine and I have learnt from them.

The Partner has been consistent in his jumping and improved on his dressage overall but had a wobble mid season as a result of tying up at Houghton. This affected him mentally and it has been a challenge to get in his head and sort it but our result at Osberton shows we are heading in the right direction.

The young horses only had ½ a season each and in the short space of time they competed they learnt and developed a lot and both gained confidence in all areas. I am looking forward to a good winters training and seeing their achievements next year.

V.I.P Vino (Vino) progressed well during the season but has been over reacting to physical changes over the last few weeks as aged 8 he has grown! This is typical of him as he has always been dramatic when his body feels different. As a result of this we decided not to run at Bicton as there was nothing to be gained with him not being on form. This was a great shame as it looked like a great weekend.


Time to Scrub and move on

We have started the daunting task of packing the yard up and our first lorry load of kit has been moved to our new yard just outside Swindon. We are also busy, cleaning and painting as we have to do this before we leave.

The horses will move on the 22nd November leaving us 2 weeks to sort the rest of the barn. This is quite a big task and so glad it has happened at the end of the season and not during it! I am surprised we have not had more stuff to chuck out - maybe we are just hoarding. I am sure there will be kit when we unpack at the other end that we will wonder why we kept it.

The great thing about not moving far is that I am able to keep my complete support team.

I really feel it is the team to take me forward and reach our goals.

The other side of Will Rawlin Eventing

I am slowly getting my head round the fact that we need to think outside the box to generate income and external interest in the team.

I have had more admin days than I care to remember since our season has finished and slowly it is all coming together.

We are collecting lots of video content for a new venture - more info in coming weeks - revamping the website and looking at companies to collaborate with.

None of this comes naturally to me but I am learning a lot and excited with where this could all go long term.

Big Thank you……..

A big thank you to the following for looking after the horses and getting them all through the whole season fit and well. It is a huge team effort and I never cease to learn from you all and I always appreciate your knowledge and support.

John Bowen - Coach - who has coached me since I was 12 - despite telling Mum I wasn’t going back after my first lesson as I had to answer questions and think about how the horses were working!

Jess Burbage - Top spec Horse Feeds - For the support when we have queries with feeding and supporting our open day back in March. Despite the fact the horses have finished their season, their coats and physicality look great.

Robert Dallas and his team from Rossdales in Lambourn (Vets) who has kept them all on the road over the last 2 years which hasn’t always been straight forward.

Adam Dobie - Whitehorse Marlborough Crossfit - Having worked with Adam for a year now I have never been stronger and more balanced. This has made a huge difference both physically and mentally, because I am stronger I am not having so many issues with the horses.

Gemma English - Equine Dentist who has worked with us for a few years now having been trained by our previous Dentist. As we have 6 monthly check ups the horses haven’t thrown too much at her apart from Conquer who doesn’t make it easy - i have to step in and help hold him.

Lindsey Hopkinson - Content + Commerce - Social media and business ideas!!!! - for putting up with me taking so long to think outside the box and become more accepting of another side of the business. Next year will be exciting and fun and I am looking forward to it.

Immy Knight for all her hard work looking after the horses while we have been away and also on busy days at the yard. It is comforting knowing we don’t have to worry about anything when we are away. Our thanks also go to Kate, Alexis and Emma who step in when necessary.

Martyn Richardson - Farrier who joined our team this time last year. The horses feet have never been better and I am so pleased to have him on board and the horses have thrown a lot at him this year but they are all in a better place and now have their winter program of shoeing which will set them up for 2019.

Gavin Scofield - the horses Osteopath who we have worked with for more years than I care to imagine. Both the horses and I always feel so positive after his visits and his treatment is very unique.

Tash Thirkell - ARC - for all the advice on the programs to support the horses and my own ARC treatments which have been invaluable for speeding up recovery times from minor injuries and the exertion from events.

Thanks to the following companies for supporting me this year with their fantastic products.



High 5

Safe Riding


Finally, thank you to all those who have come to events and supported me - I always enjoy and appreciate the company and banter. It really makes the days so enjoyable and of course Mum and Dad for literally everything!

Now to grab a bit of time off in between winter training ready for 2019