Winter Moves

A Few days in Spain

At the beginning of November it was nice to get a long weekend in Oliva Nova seeing friends who were on a Show Jumping tour. Still surrounded by horses but with no responsibility, just watching from afar.

Despite doing a lot of eating and drinking during the day it felt good to go for a run on the beach. This was very different from the type of exercise I usually do and it was nice to do something different. I very much paid the price the next day as my calves were so tight and I could barely walk!!!

I can see one of the attraction of Show Jumping Life compared to Eventing as they certainly know how to cater for the riders and owners - no burger bars in site!

Talking about exercise…..

I have now been back doing structured exercise for 6 weeks with Adam (White Horse Marlborough Crossfit) and I am really feeling the benefit and feeling much more motivated and physically becoming in better shape.

I have 1 PT session per week and support this with 3 or 4 crossfit group sessions. The challenge I have given myself is to achieve squatting 100KG by Christmas. I am currently at 90KG which is a PB.

The main reason I want to do this is because it is quite a satisfying weight to achieve and physically in the correct stance it strengthens your core and posture as well as your glutes and your legs.

Up and Running

The horses are beginning to increase in their work level but are still looking like fluffy teddy bears as I am trying to put off clipping until after they move on Thursday. The down side is they are getting sweaty so plenty of washing down and drying - makes a big difference having the Drimee Solarium. William is back on track but didn’t have a lesson as it was a week too soon so decided it would be best to miss this one rather than rush things. Ted has settled in and is coming on well and relaxing into our routine. I hope the move isn’t going to unsettle him too much. Conquer has very much become his comfort blanket as they are in next door stables.

The others all had lessons yesterday with Vino getting the day off to a good start at 7.15am so that we could fit everyone in during daylight hours. Vinnie, Conquer and Dom or followed suit and had benefited so much from down time and felt relaxed.

Current state of the yard

What a tip - The yard has lost all it’s organisation. So much has already been moved to the new yard so bits and bobs that we still need are scattered around avoiding the paint pots. Tyler, my cousin, is doing a cracking job helping with the painting. We have done all we can until the horses move. Sunday will be spent at Brook Farm sorting out the 4 lorry loads of kit that have already been “dumped” in one of the store rooms. I can’t wait to get everything ship shape with Alexus Reed putting her magic touch into organising everything. Definitely one for the girls with me doing the lifting and shifting. Thursday the horses will move and then we will have 2 weeks to jet spray and paint the remaining stables, taking posts out of the field and generally leaving everything in order for the new occupants where we are now.


Gavin came to do the horses winter Osteopathy which is so important. This is to keep them in good balance and keep them off their shoulders while they are not in full training. Even Ted had his first session which he thought was fine at the time but was definitely unsure about his body changes the next day!! He has now settled down again which took him a few days. Dom is going through a lot of changes and has come up behind again. It was good to have a lesson a few days after so that we could work on engaging his hind legs in order to support his physical changes.

British Eventing AGM

Mum and Dad decided after me being a member of BE since I was 14 that it was time we went to an AGM just to see what it was all about. It was such a shame I was away!!!! The meeting went on for 4 1/2 hours - so much longer than expected. It seems one of the main issues is general lack of communication so it will be interesting to see how this improves over the next year. Bad communication leads to misunderstanding, rumours and discontent so roll on improvements.

Autumn has been kind to us so far and I look forward to clipping and tidying the horses up and then start doing a few dressage and show jumping competitions.

Next journal will be in a couple of weeks where we will have moved and planning the horses new winter regime.

Lindsey Hopkinson