Hard Work Pays Off!

Lessons learnt

Having had all my lessons last week  - they really paid off and all the horses have been working very relaxed and consistently all week.  Consciously worked with the scales of training which really do set up the foundation of the session.

It also helped in knowing when to “quit while you are ahead”.  Some of the sessions landed up being shorter than normal as the horses had been working so correctly - which makes for a relaxed day.

I worked with V.I.P Vinnie on serpentine loops and found that if I did simple changes across the centre line each time it helped him to come through from behind which then improved the contact and outline.


GOT COLD WATER - after nearly two weeks of hose pipes from another barn our water tank was replaced -Hallelujah!! It’s amazing how time consuming it is filling drums with water and also just how reliant we all are on it.

To have all the horses at the start of the season to be in a good place and working consistently well is really encouraging and motivating for the rest of the season.

It was a shame that all the rain stopped us XC training on grass but we took V.I.P Vinnie and The Partner to Attington All weather XC.   - It was great to have V.I.P Vinnie back doing what he does best. Although he jumped really well and seemed relaxed I could feel that he was so pleased to be jumping again.  The Partner was a little over keene but managed a few nice jumps!!!!

It was a really good feeling to be prepping the horses for Lincoln and seeing Vinnie teasing William that he was off to a competition and William was staying behind - really funny watching their interaction through the stables once Vinnie was all plaited and ready to go - it was great to have everything packed in the lorry.  It was my first time driving the lorry to a competition and seemed strange with Mum and Dad sitting in the passenger seats and me not sleeping all the way in the back with the dogs!!!

It was such a relief to hear that Mum has also passed her HGV.  Now all we need is to win the lottery to upgrade to a bigger lorry!!!!



The biggest disappointment this week was having to turn round halfway to Lincoln for our first run of the season. - B.E were very efficient and text us as soon as the announcement was made that Lincoln was having to abandon all competition on Sunday due to the weather and more snow.  The weather is really playing havoc for the start of the season which is not ideal for us riders but more so for the organisers, their hard work and all the volunteers who give up so much of their time and effort. The horses were not amused to be arriving home having left 4 hours earlier!! We count ourselves lucky we were close enough to go home - unlike a friend who had driven down from scotland, and landed up having to stay on site on Saturday with no one else there - must have seemed very eerie.

We all hoped the snow would miss us but sadly not - another burst pipe and a call to our friendly plumber who has been doing a great job which is really appreciated.  Looking forward to the return of hot water later this week!!!

Spent Sunday - clearing snow in the yard and the walker so at least the horses were able to stretch their legs a couple of times during the day.  - No indoor school!!!


Outside of horses!!!

Really good gym sessions this week - back on it - and feeling so much better for it having dragged my heels last week - it’s amazing how much better it really makes you feel - mentally as well as physically. I was working on overhead squats which are coming on very well and I managed a PB with my weights.

In General

We went to the Gallops in Lambourn on Monday - it felt like I was doing the Three Peak challenge with Greg James!!! - The wind and rain was horrendous and it would have been so easy not to have gone  but you have got to do what you have got to do - you never know what tomorrow will bring so don’t put off your training program.

So frustrating not being able to turn the horses out - every time we think we will be able to another load of rain arrives - the fields are sooo wet - same as so many people I imagine.


Watch out for our competition coming soon - prize will be a day with Will Rawlin Eventing at a competition.


Lindsey HopkinsonComment