Slippery Vino and training at Lyneham Heath

Easy day at the office.

Easy day jumping two horses in the morning on Saturday. I gave Vino a little tune up before competing at Broadway on Sunday and Dom to continue teaching him on the correct way to jump and build on his development.  We tend to do short sessions of jumping with him as he learns fast and needs to stop the sessions before he tires. Both went very well and have come on so much in the last week since I last jumped them, (quick learners).

We had planned the week so the other horses had their day off on Saturday.  Our morning sessions finished just in time to sit down for the rest of the day to watch a very exciting day of Badminton xc on the telly. It was very interesting watching as it looked as though the course had been dumb down a little in places since last year, but actually it was a very good fair test that caused problems across the course which is a signal of a well designed track!! It was great to see Tom Jackson, Will Furlong and Imogen Murray have such cracking rounds and Imogen Murray being 3rd fastest of the day. It was Will’s first 4* competition so he took his horse for an educational round.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before I am also there.

In the evening I went to some friends for the first BBQ of the year. A lovely evening, but I had to be on good behaviour as I was competing the next day.


Sunday Fun Day

Well what a nice surprise.  V.I.P. Vino came second in his Novice run at Broadway. This is only his second novice and really not expected.  He is developing nicely in the dressage and as he builds his strength so this will continue to improve. He tries hard not to touch anything in the SJ despite the fact that he doesn’t find it easy.  The cross country although not big fences was technically challenging due to the hills and undulations I was very pleased for him as he has not had an easy road to now and finally i feel we are turning a corner and he is beginning to enjoy working.


New Dancing Shoes

Martyn came to shoe everyone on Wednesday other than Vinnie who had to be done the previous Friday.  He has been working hard on improving their feet and is doing a fantastic job. They have really improved and he is finally leaving the yard feeling quite pleased!! He was with us at 7.30am so that they could all be done in time to get to Badminton where he had a couple of other clients doing the trot up.  He was there incase there were any last minute issues with their horses - it is great to know he gives his clients such great support.


Naughty Pony

Yet again we found Vino on the grass around the arena having jumped out of his paddock again!!! Unfortunately he pulled a shoe jumping which Dad found in the evening despite us looking for it during the day for quite some time. Martyn (our farrier) arranged a colleague to come and put it on, as he couldn’t get to us in time to compete on Sunday. Needless to say Vino was not allowed back out before competing!!! He will have a good session out on Monday.


XC Training

As the ground is now drying up with the sun finally coming out I took Milo (Emma’s horse) and Vinnie to Lyneham Heath for some xc training. I thought I would take Vinnie for a little tune up before we head to Chatsworth next week as the last time we went xc I ended on the floor at Belton!!! Needless to say he felt great and is ready for Chatsworth.  Let’s hope I can remember how to ride and don’t let him down this time. My coach John Bowen is coming to walk the 3* course with me on Sunday morning so no doubt I will learn a lot. Milo also felt very good and quite relaxed and enjoyed himself.  It was his first time XC since last year and he grew in confidence very quickly. He just had one small moment at the steps where he decided to let me know that he could be boss when he wanted to, which is something he always has tucked up his sleeve just incase he doesn’t want to do what you are asking.

I am taking him for a run for Emma at West Wilts next month, while her leg continues to mend so look forward to that.


Feeling the wind

Mum and Dad went to Badminton on Friday so Immy came to the Gallops with me as we do not like leaving the horses in the lorry by the road side while I am on the gallops.  As it was a busy day, with all horses needing training and Mum not being around, I decided to ask Immy to ride Conquer along side Vinnie with me. This felt quite strange as I have always done all my cantering myself except for once before.  Immy is a good quiet rider and is having some lessons with my coach John Bowen so her techniques will become similar to mine.

Next week is very busy and we are out in the lorry everyday except Monday, either competing or training so lots to report back on.

Lindsey Hopkinson