Nations Cup Selection, regrouping and the training continues!

Highlight of June!!!

I was very excited to receive a phone call to be asked to be part of the Nations Cup Team going to USA at the beginning of July.  At the beginning of the season I had hoped that this might happen one day but hadn’t anticipated it for this year as it is my first season at 3* level.  We have re planned V.I.P Vinnie’s schedule to do this and when he gets back he will have a couple of quiet weeks before prepping for Blenheim CCI***. I have been buying a few bits and bobs from Falpro  and NAF for Vinnie’s trip and his first international flight.



June on the whole has been our quiet month.  Time for replanning and mid season tidy up.

The Partner has had two weeks down time following his good run at Houghton.  I have been hacking him out every other day with plenty of turn out and relaxation.  He is now back in full work ready for the second half of the season. Dom is also having a little quiet time as he came in from the field with a small cut on his leg which now needs to heal before he starts his campaign.

This has given us some extra time for tidying up the yard and spending time sorting the fields out with harrowing, spraying and topping.  One half is complete but unfortunately the other half is out of control as the first lot of spray, that the field maintenance company put on did nothing.  Very frustrating, as we had planned to move the horses over and now the grass is very long as it had to be redone. A bigger topping job now to be done!!

Due to the Nations Cup Announcement we have also been busy rescheduling the competitions for all the horses as this trip was unexpected and clashes with other horses plans.  This will be updated onto the calendar in the contact page of my website.


Full Days Training

We had a full days training with John Bowen at the yard on the 12th June.  All the horses had two lessons each with dressage in the morning and jumping in the afternoon.  A busy day as others also had lessons with him. The horses all seem to be going through a period of change.  This can be quite frustrating at times as it feels as though we have gone backwards but in fact they will be in a better place in a few weeks once they have become established in the work we are doing at the minute.  I need to make sure I give them a chance to take this all on board and not ask for too much too soon. It was great to have Lindsey filming the lessons which we will be using at a later date for educational purposes on my website.


Nunney International Horse Trials

V.I.P Vino competed in the Novice section on Friday and he got his first dressage score in the 20’s for this season.  Although I was really pleased with the mark due to his current changes he didn’t perform as relaxed and supple as he can be. Compared to the Rockingham 1*, which was his last competition, the show jumping at Nunney didn’t seem overly big.  However, he actually jumped really well and was in a much better balance throughout the whole course - this was definitely his most consistent round yet. He was lying 5th going into the cross country. I walked the cross country course with Lindsey and we took some videos of how to jump some of the combinations.  This is all being collected to use on the website at a later date. We had decided before the competition that we would give him a schooling round as he still needs to improve his technique across the country. It would have been very tempting to change this decision as he was well placed but this would not have been beneficial for his long term development. As we were schooling round he had to work over his back and he found it quite difficult as when he is going faster he can get away with pulling himself round.  Although he may be able to get away with this at Novice he certainly won’t when he moves up the levels. I decided to retire him before the end of the course as he had worked hard enough. Thanks Nunney and all the volunteers for another super event.


Luhmuhlen 4*

Kept an eye on what was happening at Luhmuhlen over the weekend but very frustrating that the cross country live streaming didn’t work so had to follow it on the results page.  It’s great to see so many GB riders in the top 10 after cross country. We managed to get the show jumping on you tube and exciting to watch the last 10 to jump. It is amazing that Jonelle Price has won two 4* back to back on two different horses.  It is most people’s dream to start with one!!! Well done to her and her team. Great for the Brits as well with them taking the next 4 placings.


Looking forward to the second half of the season and with a few more horses out competing.