The Ups and Downs of Eventing

Working with horses involves a constant changing of plans and with this comes the huge rollercoaster of emotions.  

After the excitement of being selected for the American leg of the Nations Cup, this week we have had to cope with the realisation and HUGE disappointment that we have had to withdraw from the team.  A crack appeared on Vinnie’s inside heel and despite the best efforts of Robert and Martyn (Vet and Farrier)it became apparent that we could not stabilise the hoof in time for our trip to America.

This is not just a blow for us but for the whole team involved both past and present.  It was so lovely to see how many people were so excited for all of us and the years of hard work were starting to pay off.  

This is a typical example of how things can be going so well and then your fortune changes in such a short period of time. Although this is a short term blow, we can at least still focus on our main aim which is to get Vinnie to Blenheim in September.   Initially I accepted that we weren’t going to America and in some ways was relieved to remove the pressure of trying to sort something with a very tight deadline. When I called Dickie Waygood to let him know he was understanding, disappointed and encouraging for the future.

As the day progressed it became clear that subconsciously I wasn’t OK with it. I became frustrated and very short tempered about the smallest of things.  This then wound me up even more as I got cross with myself that I was letting the disappointment get to me. Having spoken to a few people during the day who reassured me it happens to everyone not only in Eventing but in all ways of life. However much I told myself nothing horrendous has happened I still let it get to me.

Eventually I managed to accept that there will be more opportunities like this and this is just another test to try me.  I found a good quote that says “ When you feel like stopping remember why you started” and also my sister found one “ Don’t say Why me, say Try Me”.


To put the above into perspective

It is awful to hear that Jonty Evans is still seriously ill and it is going to take a very long time for him to recover. I can not imagine what his family must be going through and hope that they are being given the space to deal with this.  Eventing is such a large but small community, we all want to know how everyone is recovering when something like this happens. We can let them know that we are all here for them and in this instance it is nice that the idea of wearing green during all competitions in July, whether a competitor or supporter it is our way of showing our support for Jonty.  #WearGreenForJonty



On Sunday I was fortunate enough to be invited to Hickstead for the day.  I have never been before and always thought about going but never quite got round to it.

It ended up being a very enjoyable day as i was with friends and supporters of William Funnel who won the main class - The Hickstead Derby. It was amazing to be able to watch the Derby in real life rather than at home on the tv and experience the excitement and tension as you will a rider over the fences.

There was so much atmosphere but I came away thinking I would much rather be riding it rather than being a spectator - no different than watching riders round Badminton - I would much rather be competing myself.



The rest of June and early July will continue without competitions as by the time we withdrew Vinnie the competitions we wanted to get into with the other horses were balloting!! However, I am not overly concerned as the ground is generally likely to be very firm with this hot weather continuing for the rest of the month.  

Really looking forward to getting the two youngsters out in July and focus on qualification for end of season competitions.