Inspiration, Horse Osteopathy and Boomerang

Thought provoking Video

There is more than just sitting on a horse and “looking like your not doing anything”.  The human mind set is a huge factor in the development of one Event horse let alone a number of them being developed at the same time.

It is not just riding and technical development but there is a lot of management behind the scenes of staff, sponsors, owners, landlords, entries and the team, to name a few.  

Whilst looking through Facebook I came across this video which I think will be very helpful for myself as a “go to” when I am not at my most positive. It reminds me of what should be important and what is not important, and not to dwell on the downs but pick yourself up and move on. Here is the link.                        

Do have a look and I hope it helps you to.


Funday Jumping

Monday we went across the road to Boomerang to use their new arena.  They have done a cracking job on making this and it rides really well. We took William (Ballycoog Breaker Boy) to jump and warming up he felt very weak and disconnected. He was behind the leg and pulling through the shoulders rather than working from behind.  By focusing on making him use his hind legs this improved in the warm up and so when we jumped he felt much better. It took him a little while to be jumping correctly continuously and the bigger the fences the better he jumped. He has changed so much physically in the last 6 months that he does have days where he feels quite disconnected. But a day can make a lot of difference and the next day he can be back to the horse we know he can be. We really do rate his ability but this will continue to happen over the next couple of years as he strengthens.  He is only 6 and very savvy.


We also took Conquer (The Partner) who was jumping his first round of jumps since his 2* at Houghton.  It has taken him a while to recover from that competition as he tied up but now feels back to his best, which is very exciting.  I can’t wait to get back out competing with him. He jumped so well and I always really enjoy jumping him.


Hard Ground

How ironic that we should all be concerned about hard ground already.  Yet three months ago we were all fed up of the long wet winter. Our fields seems particularly hard and I am unable to canter anywhere on the hacks which is frustrating.  The horses feet have dried up so much despite using Kevin Bacon hoof care daily and this is taking toll on their shoes and we seem to have had a week of them coming off or having to be taken off!! This has curtailed some of their work but luckily no one is meant to be competing so I am not too worried as they are all fit.


Always a pleasure to see

Osteopathy day was Thursday for the horses.  Gavin came and worked on all of them which he does about every 6 weeks or so.  The visit this time seemed to be quite quick as all the horses responded very well to his treatment.  None of them had the same issues as each other which I quite like as it means there isn’t any one aspect of their training that could be causing their physical changes. There was nothing big that needed adjusting just small ones for example; Conquer was just holding his diaphragm a little and Vinnie was just a little twisted through the back and guarding his front cracked heel.


Supporting my Sister.

Friday we spent the day in hot sticky London as we went to watch my sister’s last end of term show for her Performing Arts degree.  This is so different from what I do but in many ways the same as it takes a huge amount of dedication, training, self belief and motivation to keep developing despite the knocks.  She has done so well and the show was hugely enjoyable and it was lovely to see how far she has developed her performing skills since the first show 4 years ago. It was great that she was on stage so much which included  her own monologue and an amusing musical theatre duet. She has now finished her education and is awaiting the results of not only her degree but also a Personal Training course that she has been doing at the same time. Looking forward to seeing her on a West End stage.

I have rescheduled our competitions over the last week so do go to my Events page to see the updates.