Preparing for Blenheim CCI***

Smiths Lawn

A seriously hot day - we took V.i.p.Vino and Ballycoog Breaker Boy both to compete at Novice.  Vino was first in and started the day off well with a great score of 22.3- only to be beaten by Pippa Funnell and Laura Collett  - so not too shabby!!!! Seriously pleased with this horse who 2 years ago did a 43.3 in the pre novice and jumped out of the arena numerous times!! It has been a long time coming for him to show what I have always felt he had in him.  We had decided before the event not to run him SJ and XC. This is because his feet aren’t great and we wanted to keep him good for Somerford CIC* next weekend.

Ballycoog Breaker Boy was tense in his dressage and feeling very well and finished on a 32.8 which is about where we felt it would be.  He jumped a seriously good round SJ clear but 1 time penalty. It was so much improved since Daunstey and back to where we expect him to be.  Cross country was great and Smith’s Lawn had worked hard on the ground - I took him steady as he has West Wilts and Somerford coming up and with the rain hopefully we will be able to have a faster run. As always a great local event.


Horses need dentist's too!

Gemma English came and did the horses routine 6 months dental check.  All horses teeth were in good shape and their next check up in February 2019 is in the diary. Gemma is great with the horses and very quiet and knowledgeable and we always learn something every visit.



We had a couple of visits to the gallops this week as V.i.p Vinnie is on his fitness program for Blenheim CCI***.  V.I.P Vino joined him once as part of his strengthening and conditioning. He will have a seriously big gallop when he is stronger and he behaved really well as he can be tense and very behind the leg when out on his own.  Vinnie has now had a third feed added in ( to make sure he is getting the right nutrition for his increased workload.  He is feeling really good at the moment, long may it continue. He will have a run at Somerford Park next weekend in the 2*.


Outing for the Picnic Syndicate Horses.

Both StarDom and The Partner went to Attington Equestrian for some XC training on the all weather surface. Dom has grown up so much as a result of his recent outings, and felt so comfortable and confident over the fences.  As always we started with trot and pop with both horses - Dom had one look at a trakehner and seemed to really enjoy himself - let’s hope this carries through to his first competition at West Wilts this week. The Partner has not been feeling himself recently so we took him just for a confidence boosting session jumping well within his capabilities and just keeping it all very easy.  He was a good boy and got more confident throughout the session.


Down Pour Day

10 lessons and when it rained it rained and we got soaked through.  John Bowen was at the yard on Friday and the horses all had a dressage and SJ session.  All worked so well and have come on a lot and John really noticed the difference from his last visit which is always nice. It was lovely to have the rain but my god did I get wet!!! We show jumped in the Boomerang arena and it was like one water jump after the other - it rained so hard but the horses didn’t seem to mind and jumped well. My riding boots literally had puddles in them!!! I’m not complaining as we really needed it and it was great to have more today (Sunday) but luckily it was a day of rest for all the horses.


We are looking forward to a busy week this week with 3 at West Wilts on Tuesday with StarDom doing his debut event in the 5 year old class.  Vino will probably just do the Dressage and SJ and William will do all three disciplines ground permitting. Thursday we will leave at lunch time to go to Somerford with Vino and William, both CIC* and really excited to have Vinnie out again to do the CIC** - his last full run before Blenheim - we are planning on taking him to Wellington at the end of the month to do the Dressage and SJ.


Have a good week everyone!