Regrouping following Somerford International

Have to say we were all quite tired on Monday - how the top professional riders get home at 1am from a competition and then ready to leave at 4 am for the next I don’t know - I guess one day I might find out!!!

It took us most of the day to get through the washing from the weekend and finish unpacking - I took all the horses who had competed at the weekend for a stretching hack and they all felt good.  

William had his customary lie down mid morning but it was slightly longer than normal!!!! - They also had some time out in the field first thing.



One of the bonus’s of living where we do is that Gavin Scofield is in the area quite frequently so the horses have their backs done more regularly than when we lived further east! Gavin was round on Tuesday and treated the horses.

 This was particularly good timing having just competed at Somerford. They all needed a little attention and reacted well to the treatment.

The Partner had the longest session and we are hoping that he will soon be back on form as he has been a bit off over the last few weeks.


Quarterly saddle check

Wednesday was saddle checking day -Laurence came out from Cirencester Saddlery and all the horses had the saddles checked and prolite pads and shims adjusted to fit their changes over the last few months.  

Their changes were generally all very similar as they have got fitter and changed for the better. We have 2 dressage saddles but unfortunately due to the changes of the horses 1 fits all of them and the other is now redundant.

So if anyone is looking for an 18” Childeric dressage saddle then do PM me on Facebook. It has been a great saddle and has been very versatile and fitted from 16.1 to 17.1hh event horses.


Social media content

Lindsey from Pull and Co came and spent the day with me getting content for my social media.  The day didn’t start well as poor Immy had been ill all night so kindly struggled through mucking out but then I suggested she went home to recover.  

Luckily for me a little bit later Kate managed to help for a couple of hours which was a huge help and much appreciated.

We show jumped Stardom at Boomerang and having had 4 days off while I was away, he felt super fresh and was rather arrogant.  I had thought that as he is a young horse it would be good for him to have the days off to digest his first competition but obviously not a good idea!!!! Lindsey and I took Vinnie and Conquer to the gallops in Lambourn, where Vinnie felt great and found 3 runs up the hill very easy.

 I took it steady with Conquer as we are still having to ride him well in his comfort zone but hopefully having had his back treated and saddles fitted he will soon be back on form.


Mental hiccup

On Saturday I just felt mentally not engaged with anything and was in a savage mood - I have learnt over the years that when I feel like this it is best to change tack and not ride and go and do something else and start again the next day. I had ridden a couple of horses but what ever I did just wasn’t helping the horses so I called it quits for the day. I don’t know why I felt like this but I went for a bike ride and Mum also checked my back which turned out to be out of balance so I went on my stretching rack and made an appointment to see the Osteopath on Tuesday.  Hopefully this will get me back on track therefore making the training sessions more productive.

We packed the lorry ready to for Stardom’s competition at Wellington.


What a day -  BE100 competition at Wellington

Up  bright and early leaving the yard at 5am for Stardom’s BE100 competition at Wellington.  

Our times were early which we were very pleased with as the weather looked vile!!!

We were first in at 8am and finished by 10.30.  Both the Dressage and SJ were done in the dry and the rain arrived just before I went out on course. Performance wise I was very pleased with him and his dressage was much improved since West Wilts.

Show Jumping he jumped the first fence very nicely but suddenly went really green and chipped in and dropping behind the leg on the last stride.  I stopped him after fence 4 and regrouped and then he jumped really well giving a much better feel. This took us by surprise but we do need to remember this was only his second competition, the second fence was by the exit and there was lots going on.

XC we went out to build on his run at West Wilts and he certainly was more consistent although still needs more confidence to make the rounds smoother and more rhythmical.  Sadly the jockey missed a fence so we got the big E!!! This is a first for me and NOT to be repeated - poor Dom - I really let him down as he had tried hard. He is off to Goring Heath next weekend so more development then and time for the jockey to redeem himself!

He had been in the 5 year old class and this is the last one to qualify for the Championships so sadly he won’t be going - it was always a big ask so we will continue to work on his confidence and technique for the rest of the season and keep him at this level and then plan to hit the ground running next year.

Tomorrow Vinnie is having his last run before Blenheim at Wellington although we are not doing the XC.  

We will continue with the fitness work and training and try to get him hitting top form for that weekend.