Try to enjoy the journey, and be yourself!

Dom West Wilts

He went to West Wilts today to do a combined training competition.  The dressage was outside on a surface and he was so good in the warm up - no bad behaviour despite a couple of other horses being rather jolly.  I was very pleased with his test considering this was his first outing - he got a little tired as the test progressed and therefore his lines became a little waivered but overall I couldn’t fault him and no major mistakes.  The show jumping was inside and the arena is horrible to jump in - he jumped some very nicely but others went rather green - however, he finished the day having learnt a lot and got his first rosette - 2nd!!!


Early Bird

It was an early start on Tuesday and Friday this week but not for competitions!!! Can’t believe I was getting up to go to the gym at 4.30. My Trainer is setting up his own gym Whitehorse Marlborough Crossfit therefore with the workman being there during the day this was the only time we could get a couple of sessions in this week - I hope it won’t be too regular at this time!!! Psychologically I wasn’t looking forward to it but once I had done it I was so pleased as I felt a lot more “on it” and alert for the rest of the day. On Tuesday I even felt fine in the evening but by Friday evening I felt it - probably more to do with a late night/early morning celebrating a friends birthday on Wednesday night!!



Dom is due to go to his first event at West Wilts on the 14th August so we are trying to fit in a little XC training. - Quite difficult with the ground but did some trot and pop and water jump training at Boomerang during the week.  We will venture out to Attington Manor this coming week to vary his experiences. He was very confident but as he is so quick he needs to just slow everything down to give himself more time to read what is in front of him - this is something we have to keep working on as he is so keen to get the job done.


Support Team

Both Gavin - osteopath and Martyn  - farrier - were with us this week.  It is always great to see both of them and they are such key members of the team.  Gavin treated all the competition horses who needed very small adjustments here and there and he also treated Harry to make sure he is level for his next home as he is FOR SALE to go Hunting. Martyn was just doing their usual shoeing and we had decided to go for 4 weeks rather than 5 this time - just as well as they had all grown plenty of foot which seems really strange considering how dry it is out in the fields. Considering the ground their feet are not too bad but we do know that when Vino steps up next year we will have to look how to support his feet as they are not terribly strong and are very flat in shape.  Although it is hard ground they still are all going out for an hour or so to stretch and relax in the fields.(flies Permitting!!!).


European Championships

I have been watching some of the swimming European Championships which have been quite exciting and team GB are doing well.  I was struck by a comment that Adam Peaty said after he had broken his own world record “ I am trying to enjoy it (the whole journey of his swimming) and be myself.”  I thought this was very good and is something to take on board as it is so easy to get too serious about everything and constantly striving to be better rather than at times being content with what you have got and where the horses are at and actually enjoying that.


The Heat

I feel so sorry for our local farmer who had one of his fields on fire today  - it is one that we hack round and seems to have been started by a stack of straw catching fire and then spreading through the field.  There were plenty of fire engines and police and the black smoke was blowing towards a nearby house. Luckily, it was put out before it got to it.  I have never seen that before and is a reminder that people have it much more difficult than us who just have to worry about the horses and keeping them cool.


The Partner

Having had disappointing runs at Hickstead and Wilton with The Partner I worked out yesterday that he had managed to get his tongue over the bit in both cases which explains why I had lack of control and rideability at the competitions.  He managed to do it working in the arena and it gave me the same feeling as at both these events. We are now busy tapping into our support team to try and resolve this issue.


This coming week is busy enough with Vino and William competing at Smiths Lawn - I will probably just do the dressage with Vino as we have Somerford coming up in a couple of weeks but as long as we can we will run William as he needs this qualification to run at Somerford.  The horses also have their dental check, a day of lessons, gallops and show jump competitions coming up this week.


Lindsey Hopkinson