Get the support you need!


A much needed visit to Lynne Bullerwell who is a key member of my team.

She is a kinesiologist plus and works with both the psychological and physical aspect of myself. As I said in last weeks blog I had been feeling out of sorts and really agitated and didn’t know why.  It had improved after having had a physio session where Kim worked on my muscular tension which was causing my pelvis to be out of kilter.

It never ceases to amaze me how my body being out affects the horses performance so much and vice versa. I started going to Lynne a few years ago and we are now working on different aspects of the bodies energy to which we were when I started.  We are now working on keeping a constant level of self belief rather than the roller coaster that can happen.

This is all done through changing my energy fields in certain parts of the body. Long may the current positivity last!!!!

Day of Learning, development and growth.

Tuesday bought my monthly day of training with John - I usually cope with this very well but as I had my treatment with Lynne the day before I certainly struggled with physical energy at times during the day.  Luckily my High 5 products kept me focused.  


All the horses worked really well and I learnt a lot as always with John's lessons.  Vino worked well but found it hard work and John is sure that he has recently grown and his front end has left his back end behind for the moment - even though he is 8.  These big horses can grow up until they are 10 or when ever their vertebrae set. Let’s hope Ballycoog Breaker isn’t still growing aged 8 as he is already well over 17H and has grown a huge amount in the last year!!


Not ideal when your told the lorry needs a lot of work and it will be out if action for a couple of weeks. This was very unexpected and a big thank you to Immy for lending us her lorry for Gatcombe and also for Blenheim.  It is really strange having to reorganise everything into someone elses lorry and being at a competition not remembering where you put everything. We have had our lorry for 7 years and always kept everything in the same place - like a well worn glove!!

Mixed Fortunes

Friday we had three horses running at Gatcombe International.  

Ballycoog Breaker Boy(William) was doing his 1* Dressage and The Partner doing his 2* Dressage. Despite William feeling really well and full of it I was really pleased with his test and felt much stronger than at Somerford.  Unfortunately the judges didn’t think the same and he got hammered for his poll being too low.

However, I wouldn’t change this as he is only 6 and has changed a lot over the last 6 months and is not ready to be ridden in the more advanced outline that they are looking for. I was chuffed to bits with The Partner (Conquer) as he has been feeling so consistent all week and carried this through to his test and was the most connected and relaxed he has ever been in an arena.  This felt by far his best test yet. I was gutted for him with his score and he deserved better - I can’t understand how the judges can be 24 marks apart in their marking - surely this isn’t right. The difference in the comments between the two judges was amazing - one being positive and the other little miss negative. Very frustrating but we know how much he has come on - onwards and upward.

Vino saved the day with a very good dressage although slightly tense but very correct and got a good mark of 26.  He tried so hard in the SJ which looked very unconventional and to be honest we were lucky to have only had 1 pole down. He did try his hardest not to touch anything. XC he felt class and really enjoyed himself although he could have been a little more adjustable at times and had a good look at the water and put my long legs to good use!!! He finished with a credible 9th place.

Thank you to Emma for her help in looking after the horses at Gatcombe.

We were back at Gatcombe to finish the international competitions on Sunday.  

William didn’t have his finest performance in the SJ - this aspect is on going progress and therefore seems very inconsistent and not helped by him being over keen and doing his own thing at times.  He did redeem himself with a much improved strong cross country round and now heads to Osberton 6 year old Champs.

Sadly Conquer didn’t take his recent improved form into the cross country. He warmed up really nicely near the lorry park but once I got to the XC warm up area he became very unsettled and anxious. As we went round the course he was ballooning over the fences like a show jumper - not ideal when you have difficult combinations and a twisty technical course.  Unfortunately we were eliminated for 3 errors on course ( this is a first). This is really disheartening as I thought we were getting somewhere and when I worked him away from the XC afterwards he instantly relaxed and worked well.

We now go back to the drawing board and decide how to move forward and give him his confidence back.

This week V.I.P Vinnie and I are off to Blenheim so I will report on this next week.