A busy week leading to up Blenheim

Missing the best bit….

Competition at Wellington was a quiet day as we had withdrawn The Partner to allow him more time to work his back treatment through from earlier in the week. Depending what work has to be done the full benefit of Gavin’s treatments may not be felt for 10 days - 2 weeks after.  However, we did still take him and work him in the dressage warm up area and he worked really well for the first time for some weeks and was consistent throughout the session.

It was great to have TJ (and a friend) a picnic syndicate member for the morning where she watched V.I.P Vinnie do his Advanced dressage and show jumping. We didn't run him XC as planned as he ran the week before and we don’t feel he needed another run before Blenheim.  He would have loved to have done it and it looked a great course and perhaps it was a bit unkind being parked by the XC warm up!!

His test was a little tense as he is feeling so well and quite fresh. I was surprised to be only 4 marks off Pippa Funnell who was leader after dressage. He was very keen in the show jumping and we were slightly off one fence so caught it with his front feet.

Overall I was pleased with him and it gives me an idea of how I will need to manage him at Blenheim.



The Lorry had to go in for it’s pre MOT assessment on Tuesday early am and needless to say the garage rang with a long list of things that have to be done to get it through - it is a wonder these lorries ever manage to run!!!

We had to make sure we remembered to take everything out that we would need for the gallops and competition over the next week but still managed to forget a couple of things, so a quick visit back to collect them.

Tuesday was osteopath day for me which was very much needed as I have been aware that I have not been 100% balanced and this has been affecting the horses.

Conquer managed to get out of the gallops by pulling a shoe in the field which was very annoying - he seemed quite pleased with himself and unfortunately we couldn’t get it put back on until the following morning  - one of the few bonuses of the dryer ground is that we can find the shoes when they do come off.

Vinnie went on his own in the end as William and Vino had been cantered out on the local hill during a hack.


Hump day Wednesday

Grid work Wednesday was for all the horses and they all performed really well  - we kept it simple with two bounces and then a stride to an oxer.  We changed the routine to fit each particular horse.


Dancing Shoes

Vinnie had his Blenheim shoes and pads put on  - I rode him before they were done so that they could settle after being done - this his because we had slightly extended the days since his last shoeing in order to get as close to Blenheim as possible. His crack from earlier in the summer is looking really good and is growing out well.  The rest of Thursday was taken up with dressage for all the horses and even The Partner had to work!!


Billy no mates!!

Vinnie had the day off on Friday and I was on my own as  Mum and Dad had gone to Burghley for a couple of days. For once everything went as planned and I still finished at a reasonable hour which we do try to do as there is always dreaded admin and fitness training for the evenings.  The horses all had a quiet hack as they had worked well all week.


Prep day

Saturday was to be a busy day so Rhea (freelance groom) came and spent the day with me.  We had not worked together before so it was nice that she was so good to work with and easy to get on with,efficient and always finding things to do. We had a visit to the gallops with Vinnie and The Partner and two others from the yard joined us.  We also went to get the small lorry that we had hired for Sunday’s competition and plait, wash and pack up. Mum and Dad returned late in the evening ready for the 4am get up on Sunday.

Early Bird’s

We had an early start for Stardom’s competition at Goring Heath and were finished by 10am - I much prefer cracking on with the competition days rather than hang around for the later times. It seemed strange leaving in the dark and slightly nippy in temperature showing that Autumn is around the corner.  I was really pleased with Stardom and he had improved again from last week’s competition being much more connected in all three phases and he really felt as though he understood what was being asked of him. He looked quite pleased with himself when we came back from the XC clear inside the time and having had a very good round. Annoying to have had 1 pole down showing - he just seemed to go a bit quiet into the penultimate fence and just didn’t pick up. He is next out at Morton Morrell.  He will continue to compete at this level for the rest of the season therefore giving him a really good base to build on for next year.

Burghley looked amazing and turned out to be such a great competition and so pleased for Tim Price that he won - quite a story with Jonelle, his wife winning Badminton back in May.  

Next week includes a day of training with John on all the horses and Gatcombe on Friday and Sunday.