Train, Train, Train. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat...

Cross Country Training…….

Started off a busy week with 5 Horses XC schooling at Boomerang. Such a novelty to be out of the arena and back into the environment we all enjoy.

They were all surprisingly quite cool about being back out and were happy to be popping the small fences. My first session out I always keep the fences small and do quite a bit of trot and pop and small combinations. I concentrate more on their technique and ride-ability.

Unfortunately Dom (StarDom) slipped on a turn and slightly lost his back end, at the time I didn’t think much of it but the next day realised he had pulled his sacrum as there was a bit of swelling in that area. Luckily Gavin their Osteopath got straight on the case and we have been walking him in straight line - He is feeling a lot better and is back to building up the work again.

Unfortunately he will miss his first competition but being a young unbalanced horse I am not worried about this - he has all season and a bright future.

Dressage and the need for confidence...

Had a couple of very good dressage sessions with V.I.P Vinnie and The Partner (Conquer) and both worked exceptionally well.

The challenge will be to maintain this work and of course keep it through to the competitions. Vinnie is very comfortable in a dressage arena but Conquer finds the whole process a little stressful so keeps his best work for home!

We are working through this and hope that all his winter training will have given him more confidence when out and about.

For his first competition at Lincoln we are going up the day before so that i can work him in the dressage warm up when we get there so that he will feel more comfortable there before his test.

We will see if it makes any difference as to how relaxed he stays!

Show Jumping Practice...

We had another good day at Rectory Farm doing their Eventers Show Jumping day.

We took Vinnie, Conquer and William and it was good to have them out. Conquer was more relaxed than the previous week which was encouraging, William was a touch lazy and thought he was out for a jolly!

Vinnie jumped well and was pleased to be out again and on very good form.

These days are very good practice and Rectory Farm also do Eventer combined training days which are very beneficial with practicing the dressage on grass.


The horses have now had their last shoeing before they start competing - at this stage none of them have anything particularly special on just their routine shoe - a couple of them may change as the season progresses depending on ground conditions and how their foot balance is.

Blown up hill...

Gallops are a weekly event now taking horses as needed - some for fitness and others for strength and conditioning. When we went this week it was blowing a gale but luckily the wind was behind us going up hill, even so this was strong enough to slightly affect my balance so I had to work hard to be as balanced as possible so it didn’t unbalance the horses.

It would have been easy not to go but the horses and I have to learn to work in all conditions.

Visit to Kent...

Tuesday this week saw us driving down the M25 - which we try to avoid at all costs but to get to Jason Webb we have no choice.

We went to Collect Ted - my project horse. I have bought him with the specific brief to develop him and sell.

He is a lovely type and barely 16.1 so would not be big enough for me to keep anyway! He has now finished his time with Jason Webb of Your Horsemanship where he has been backed and it is now up to me to take him to the next stage. I am looking forward to this as he is a lovely character and has a lot of promise.

We will do plenty of hacking to get to know each other and sometimes mix hacking and arena work but without putting pressure on him.

Visit to Newmarket/ARC...

One of our horses has had a sarcoid on his belly just where his girth is. We have been using the ARC to remove it and it has been doing a fantastic job.

The ARC works by pushing the sarcoid out of the body and this is what was happening.

For other parts of the body this is great and then it falls off but due to the pressure of the girth the sarcoid was becoming sore despite the sheepskin girth protectors. We reluctantly had to make the decision to have this removed with a laser.

The process is done under standing sedation so he was in and out in 3 hours mainly taken up by the vets making sure he was fine following the sedation. It was a lot of driving as our vets hospital is in Newmarket!

The horse had the Arc on program 1 leading up to it and has a 6 week program to recover from the laser process. It is amazing how well it has healed even after a week.

One week post operation using the ARC

One week post operation using the ARC

Test Practice...

With our first competition round the corner I am test practicing at the yard.

It is great to be able to have a lovely big arena to enable us to practice the 20m x 60m tests as well as the 20m x 40m. It is a fine line to practice enough to try and get all the movements exactly at the markers but not too much so that the horses start to anticipate what is coming. Vinnie I definitely don’t do it close to the competition as he will second guess all the way through!

Weather permitting I will be reporting back on our first outing at Lincoln in my next journal - fingers crossed.