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Excited to be launching The Vault on 25th May it is my online Training and Mentorship platform. This is aimed at new and aspiring Eventers up to Novice level. There will be tutorial videos, private Facebook group, Facebook hot seat Q and A, checklists, monthly interviews with industry greats and much more. There is also the opportunity for me to act as Mentor to some riders. The idea is that those that sign up will request training topics that they would find helpful and I will then do training videos accordingly.

If you sign up before the 25th May you will get the first 2 weeks free.

To find out more and sign up go to The Vault

I look forward to being able to help you all achieve your goals.


A very good week of competition at Badminton with a very deserving Winner who seems to just keep winning with 5 wins at Rockingham International to name a few!!. So pleased for Piggy French and her team. Eric Winter designed a seriously good course and watching on TV I became very nervous thinking that I could be doing it next year. However, having walked the cross country course on the Sunday I came home thinking I would have loved to have ridden that track. It’s great to walk the course on the Sunday as all the fencing is down and you can get right up to the fences and walk them as if you were going to jump them.


I always look forward to going to Chatsworth because it is such a lovely event. It is one of the best venues in the country and they do a cracking job of running it. We chose to have an early start on Friday morning rather than going up late on Thursday. We arrived about 8am after a 4 hour journey and settled the horses in. Vinnie was first up in the CCI4*-S with his dressage at 10.50. He was to be in the main arena and was very excited to be out. He did a good test but there was a bit of tension so we didn’t achieve what I had hoped. However, he had been restricted for the previous 3 days as he had had a small infection in his foot. We actually didn’t decide whether he was going until Thursday afternoon and decided we would just take each day as it came. This explained why he was so excited as he is very fit and had been stable based for the preceding days which he is not used to. We were only disappointed with the score 32.? As we know what it could have been if the preparation had been ideal!

Vinnie felt class both SJ and XC however in the show jumping I turned 1 stride too early on a turn which resulted in a pole and cross country I made an early mistake on an arrow head which resulted in a duck out. REALLY annoying but the rest of the round was mega and I was very pleased with how good he felt on a tough track including a couple of long pulls up hill and it was great preparation for Bramham. He won’t run before then.

Ballycoog Breaker Boy (William) was in the CCI2*- S- he got the worst of the weather in the dressage and I literally had a puddle in my saddle and was soaked through. Luckily for me he didn’t seem to notice and pulled out a great test lying 3rd overnight. The rain had made the show jumping arena quite dead so being such a large horse he found it hard to have nothing to push off. He did really well to only have one pole and it turned out that there weren’t many clears anyway. The cross country track was the most challenging he has done due to the terrain rather than the fences. The fences were big and bold and you always need to have fit horses to run the course. William managed to get inside the time so he finished 4th. Very pleased with his performance - long may it continue!!!

Another really well run event and a huge thank you to all the volunteers and organisers.

Next stop - Rockingham International.

Another lovely venue with a great competition. Their attention to detail is amazing - even mowing circles round every cross country fence. The course is designed by Captain Mark Phillips - big bold fences and so well dressed.

Friday was a busy day with The Partner and Ballycoog Breaker Boy (William) doing their 3* and 2* dressage tests respectively. Both did their best tests to date and The Partner doing a PB of 29.6, He has never been in the 20’s before and so pleased that all his hard work is coming together. William did a great test of 26.3 to lie second going into the SJ 0.1 behind the leader. He followed up with a really good double clear. Having done Chatsworth the previous week and Tattersals Young Horse in 2 weeks we just schooled round the cross country as planned. As tempting as it was to get the result I know we could I am looking at him for the long term and so it is important to only run fast on the big occasions. The Partner had a uncharacteristic 2 down in the SJ despite some mega jumping on the other fences. XC didn’t go according to plan as having jumped the first fence one of his shoes came flying past my face. I immediately made the decision to pull up as he is also off to Tattersalls in 2 weeks and I didn’t want to risk damaging his foot or worse just for the run. Again I had only intended on schooling round.

Also on the friday Stardom did his second Novice. He was completely wired so we headed off for an anticipated interesting dressage!!! However, he managed to settle and actually performed a good test with 30.3. He is still very unbalanced and lacking in strength so lots more to come. His jumping can still be a little green and this showed in the big arena with all the shops around it - however he managed to pull out a double clear with a few time penalties. He still needs to learn to take me XC rather than me taking him. This will come as he strengthens.

It was so nice for Mum and myself to have Immy on the road with us at Rockingham. It was brilliant - great that we work with each other anyway so she knows the horses and it was lovely for her to see how all the hard work at home comes together at the competitions. It is the first time we have taken anyone with us and I think Mum could get quite used to it!!! Thank you Immy.

Equusir Best Box

Having made the decision that Vino needs a new home we decided to check that all was well first by taking him to an Equusir Best Box. Mum had to take him to Southampton for 3 days running. It gives you a physical and emotional report on the horse and is based on infrared and light technology.

The box measures the current state of energy flow in the body of the horse and reports which parts of the body are well supplied with power or blocked. It is fascinating and confirmed that Vino doesn't like the hard work and challenges that being developed for a life in eventing entails. Therefore we now need to find another home for him with a less stressful life but one that he can enjoy. I think he would really enjoy team chasing.

Next up Tattersalls and Bramham so an exciting couple of weeks coming up and our first trip outside of this Island!!