Down time, surgery and a new home for Vino

Down time for horses…………….

Vinnie (V.I.P Vinnie), Conquer (The Partner), William (Ballycoog Breaker Boy) have all enjoyed their holidays since their 3 day competitions. They have all had plenty of time out in the fields and put a touch of weight on - which is a good thing - and there bodies and mind have had time to relax and absorb what they have learnt in the first half of the season.


Dom (Stardom) has also had unplanned time off due to a lump on his leg. We had this x rayed and it was thought that he had an infection in his cannon bone on a hind leg. He had 4 weeks of antibiotics which didn’t seem to make much difference and indeed the lump got bigger. This was calcified bone which had grown over the area we were concerned about in order to self protect it. Unfortunately, it has resulted in him having to go to Newmarket (as we use Rossdales Vets and that is where their hospital is) to have an op which he had on Tuesday. This was a nerve racking day as a General Anesthetic always holds its own risks combined with the risk of injuring the leg when he came round was a concern. To minimise this his leg was put in a full cast to support him as he came out of the anesthetic whilst in a hoist. Although he didn’t appreciate the cast it did at least protect his leg during this period and once he was wide awake and stable it was taken off. The calcified bone that was removed has gone off to Histology to see if they can find out what caused it as it seems there wasn’t an infection. This will take some time to come back. He will remain in Newmarket until he is ready to come home which will hopefully be at the weekend and then a few weeks box rest while the wound knits. As a result of this he will not be competing again this year as we need to make quite sure his leg is strong after the operation.


Time with the youngsters and Training availability

During the time these horses have had off I have been focusing on Ted and horses in for training. They have all come along well and benefited from having undivided attention. They had their rest whilst we were at Tattersalls and Bramham. I am aiming Ted for doing a one day Event towards the end of the year and the horses for training have now gone home have successfully achieved what their owners wanted for them.

As a result I have a few spaces available for :



Schooling Livery

Do contact me on 07902565720 should you wish to discuss this further.

Take a look at The Vault - my online Training and Mentorship platform. This is aimed at new and aspiring Eventers up to Novice level. There are tutorial videos, private Facebook group, Facebook hot seat Q and A, checklists, monthly interviews with industry greats and much more.

Vault Filming….

Tuesday was spent filming out next series of videos for The Vault. They will be up in a few

Weeks and the topic is exercises to help stop your horse from running into fences. This includes some flat work as if your horse isn’t right on the flat they are not going to be right jumping.


I also took the chance to have a short break and the odd day off. I went to Ascot for the first time, which was good fun and always good when you have a win at the end of the day!!! I am not that fussed about racing but Ascot is a good day out, helped by cracking weather.

I also went to Barcelona for a long weekend with the family which was very nice spending time together without a horse in site! The weather was very hot and we did a mixture of culture and beach.

Back out competing -

It feels like ages since we were out competing and I guess it was really but the horses and I appreciated some time to chill and are now very much looking forward to the rest of the season.


We started competing this week at Upton Park Horse Trials with Conquer and William.

The plan was to do all three phases ground permitting and to take it steady Cross country to give them an easy run following their trip to Tattersalls. It was important to check that Conquer was mentally still with us as last spring his 3 day was all to much for him. Pleased to say that his jumping was as good as ever and did a nice double clear going steady cross country. His dressage was a little tense to score 33 but that wasn’t unexpected.

William was class - despite the fact that I came out of the dressage saying this, that and the other he obviously did well as he scored 23.5. He has strengthened up well during his rest and he show jumped well and put in a very confident run cross country and made it feel very easy. I just kept him in a good rhythm moving forward which he found easy and we came in with 2 time penalties to take the WIN.

New Home……

It is great that we have found a new home for Vino, who is to live his retirement out in Scotland. As much as I hate seeing horses go I know he will be well looked after and happy.

Next outings are Aston where Conquer will do his first advanced, Wilton and Hartpury.