Train with me online and in person! - The Vault

Excited to be launching The Vault on 25th May it is my online Training and Mentorship platform. This is aimed at new and aspiring Eventers up to Novice level. There will be tutorial videos, private Facebook group, Facebook hot seat Q and A, checklists, monthly interviews with industry greats and much more. There is also the opportunity for me to act as Mentor to some riders. The idea is that those that sign up will request training topics that they would find helpful and I will then do training videos accordingly.

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AFTER Burnham

Wednesday John Bowen was with us for the day - training myself and all the horses - they all had a dressage and SJ lesson except Ted who just had a jump lesson. Ted is an exciting prospect and always puts a smile on my face - I have to keep reminding myself that I did buy him specifically to sell - luckily I never said when….! He is beginning to get a bit of attitude which I like but also is working very well on a daily basis. He will continue to be developed until I am away at the end of May when he will have a few weeks off.

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Keep Learning, Keep Moving Forward!

A visual training day with Ingrid Klimke has really got me thinking.

Mum and I went to Wellington Equestrian where Ingrid was doing a MasterClass demonstration all day on Saturday.

As we had hoped it revolved around her training methods with cavalettis. She worked with a mixture of Event and Dressage riders and the benefits of this aspect of training was clearly visible. I have always been aware how good this gymnastic training is and do a certain amount of it but have always felt that we haven’t maximised it. It was fascinating to have the chance to watch this and take away so many training tips.

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