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Lessons learnt.....

I had my usual monthly lessons with John Bowen last week.

As always the horses went well once he picked up on the fact that my legs were creeping up so slightly unbalancing me which is why the horses hadn’t been going quite as well for the previous week as they had been prior to this.

It is amazing how something so small can have such an impact on the horses performance - I knew it was something to do with me as it was all the horses but hadn’t been able to pinpoint it. It is so easy to beat yourself up about it as I slightly feel that my training of the horses hadn’t been as good as it should have been. However, with 2 living beings working together we are both bound to have knock on effects to each other both good and bad.

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The Vault Syndicate Horses……..

As we mentioned in the last journal Dom is recovering from his operation. He has been a very good patient on his 2 weeks box rest with 30 minutes hand grazing per day. He has the ARC Equine on 3 times a day and a specific program has been set for him to aid his recovery.

The vets have been out to change his dressing and as the wound has healed so well he is now in stable bandages, with a few hours a day without them on. This is so his leg gets used to not relying on tight bandaging for support.

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AFTER Burnham

Wednesday John Bowen was with us for the day - training myself and all the horses - they all had a dressage and SJ lesson except Ted who just had a jump lesson. Ted is an exciting prospect and always puts a smile on my face - I have to keep reminding myself that I did buy him specifically to sell - luckily I never said when….! He is beginning to get a bit of attitude which I like but also is working very well on a daily basis. He will continue to be developed until I am away at the end of May when he will have a few weeks off.

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Not how I had envisaged the season starting...

It has to be said that the start of the season hasn’t gone as I had envisaged it - It is so frustrating when you know how good they are and yet you can’t produce it when you need to - but I guess no one ever said it was easy training and competing horses and of course they do have their own mind!! Comfort must be taken for what you know they can produce and believe that it will come once they and I settle back into competing.

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Taking “Dusting off the Cobwebs” Literally

We were both having such a fun round and really enjoying ourselves but me being me got a bit complacent and forgot to use my legs on a left handed combination fence. - Vinnie couldn’t make it on 3 but there wasn’t enough room for 4 strides, being too close Vinnie took evasive action and I went out the side door.  Needless to say neither Vinnie or I were amused but nothing worse than 2 dented prides. I must learn to ride every fence on every XC round as I did a similar thing the other year - Hopefully this will sharpen me up before Belton in 2 weeks.

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Train, Train, Train. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat...

One of our horses has had a sarcoid on his belly just where his girth is. We have been using the ARC to remove it and it has been doing a fantastic job. The ARC works by pushing the sarcoid out of the body and this is what was happening. For other parts of the body this is great and then it falls off but due to the pressure of the girth the sarcoid was becoming sore despite the sheepskin girth protectors. We reluctantly had to make the decision to have this removed with a laser.

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Keep Learning, Keep Moving Forward!

A visual training day with Ingrid Klimke has really got me thinking.

Mum and I went to Wellington Equestrian where Ingrid was doing a MasterClass demonstration all day on Saturday.

As we had hoped it revolved around her training methods with cavalettis. She worked with a mixture of Event and Dressage riders and the benefits of this aspect of training was clearly visible. I have always been aware how good this gymnastic training is and do a certain amount of it but have always felt that we haven’t maximised it. It was fascinating to have the chance to watch this and take away so many training tips.

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Thanks 2018... it's a wrap!

Looking back at the season it has been a good year in many ways particularly in the horses development from start to finish. Some results were so near to being big ones! The horses may not have been big wins but they have had their own achievements which are good building blocks for the future.

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Strange start to the week

This is becoming too regular - I started the week sitting in a meeting all day. This is very alien to me and I find it strange not being outside in the yard. This was planning the next few months website changes and social media structure combined with new plans for the new year. More news on this over the next few months!!

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Get the support you need!

It never ceases to amaze me how my body being out affects the horses performance so much and vice versa. I started going to Lynne a few years ago and we are now working on different aspects of the bodies energy to which we were when I started.  We are now working on keeping a constant level of self belief rather than the roller coaster that can happen.

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