Novice - A enter working trot, C 3 loop serpentine to A, medium trot FXH

When making your entry at A ensure you look straight ahead and ride your horse positively.  

Keep a good contact and keep your legs on.

This horse is young and has a naturally large stride so is unbalanced coming down the centre line and turn at C.

To improve this I would ride with a smaller stride whilst riding outside the arena so you have it to turn down the centre line at A. Before C rebalance your horse ready for the left turn and straight into your serpentine loop.

 Do not use the corner after C as your loop starts at C and ride 3 equal loops. Your track across the centre line should be halfway between H and E and halfway between B and F with a nice curve into it and out of it.

Remember to change your diagonal if doing this movement in rising trot.

You have a choice of sitting or rising trot in Novice tests unless stated specifically.

Use the corner before F to rebalance your horse ready for medium trot across the diagonal.

You are looking to keep the same rhythm but with bigger strides with the power coming from behind, not being pulled by the shoulders.

Only ask for as much as you can come back from.  

In this video the horse became unbalanced half way so the transition back to working trot was tense.

Well done you have completed the Novice Training Series!