Novice - Example of leg yield in a novice test

Leg yield is a good suppleness exercise so this is a demonstration to judges as to how supple and willing your horse is.  

When practicing make sure you do it evenly on both reins so working equally on both sides of the body.

This is done in a number of different places in the novice test.

In this video the leg yield coming towards you is a little tense and tight as the horse is still lacking in strength, although he performs it he is not supple through his body.

The set up and first few steps were good but then he lost balance and tensed up.

The leg yield going away from you was performed very well and stayed in a rhythm and relaxed into it.

You should keep your own body central in the saddle with your outside leg slightly behind the girth and have a slight bend round your inside leg.

When practicing this do a few steps of leg yield and then go straight and then a few more steps and repeat.

 Slowly increase the number of leg yield steps.