Novice - F medium walk,A working canter onto a 15m circle, E 20m circle showing some canter strides

This movement is demonstrated on both reins.

This is testing the horse's suppleness (on the circles) and adjustability moving from working canter to medium Canter and back again.

The rider needs to be thinking what is coming next and prepare  - In the walk make sure you have the correct bend and flexion so it is easier for the horse to strike off on the correct leg.

In the video the horse slightly shuffles into his canter from walk, he is a young horse and learning this movement.

You are looking for a clear strike off into canter from the hind legs.

Before the circles make sure your horses hind legs are active, and balance (half halt) the horse in the preceding corners.

Your outside leg and rein are there to support the horse around the circle as well as the outside leg keeping the activity.

The inside leg maintains the horses bend around your leg.

Keep your balance central throughout and sit tall.

Only ask for as much medium canter on the 20m circle as you know you can come back from.