Novice - Working trot to A, A working canter onto a 15m circle, AK working canter, KH some medium canter strides, HCM working canter

These movements demonstrate whether the horse is listening to you and on your aids.  

The corner before A should be used to prepare for the canter.

Half halt and use your corner to get the right balance, inside bend and flexion. Canter on A. You want the horse to be supple and rhythmical on the circle.

The horse’s hind legs should be quick and  active on the circle from start to finish use the corner after A to rebalance and prepare for the medium canter.

The horse needs to be adjustable coming back from medium canter to working canter. So sit tall, weight in both stirrups and engage the core. Start working canter at H.

This horse slightly drops behind the leg on the second 1/2 of the 15m circle.  To avoid this keep your legs on and the hind leg active.

With the medium canter only ask for as much as you know you can come back from.  

There is no point asking for a large medium canter and then not being able to get them back for the next movement.