Scales of Training - Developing straightness in walk and trot

This is 5th in the scales of training.

It doesn’t mean straightness in a line - but straightness through the body with the hind legs following the tracks of the forelegs.

You need to be able to achieve this in a straight line, a curve and a circle.

If this is not achieved you should move the shoulders rather than the hind legs.

This is because the hind legs are the engine.

For this to happen rhythm, suppleness contact and impulsion should be in place.

Your horse needs to be equally supple on both sides, with the contact equal in both reins, and your legs on.

If your horse is not equally supple he will not be straight.

This young horse is straight enough for where he is at the moment.

The straighter the horse, the more balanced they become, which allows them to perform as well as they can

This makes them more rideable.

It takes years to develop a truly straight horse as like humans horses are naturally stronger, more supple on one side than the other.