Suppleness and straightness - Change the rein through half circles

The purpose of the exercise is to work both sides of the horse equally and focus on having the correct bend and flexion on both half circles.

It also helps with the straightness of the horse as the hind legs need to follow the shoulders.

The change of bend helps to make the horse supple

It is important to try to maintain the rhythm throughout the exercise.

As you turn onto the centre line, rebalance the horse, before you change the bend and flexion.

It is important to keep your contact even, use your inside leg to encourage the bend and keep the outside leg to ensure they do not fall out on the turn.

Keep the horse active from behind at all times but do not rush the exercise.

Keep your weight even in both stirrups, do not be tempted to lean in to the half circle.

Both half circles should be the same size. It is easy for them not to be.

Improvements I could have made with this horse are: when first coming from the right, he loses balance on the centre line with a half halt his balance would have been better.

I also needed to look around the half circle more therefore making it easier for the horse to know where we are going.

The rhythm was lost at times, sometimes caused by refreshing the hind leg others due to slight loss of balance.