Suppleness and straightness - Circles on the centre line

When starting this exercise warm your horse up first.

Then do 12-15m circles around the school where ever you want.

This will prepare your horse for what is to come.

Make sure you do the same on each rein so working each side of the horse equally.

Like humans horses can have one side more dominant than the other

So working them equally helps to reduce this and make them equally supple on both sides.

The circles can be as large or small as your horse is capable of

If they are too small for their ability they will become unbalanced and tense therefore not being supple around your leg.

When you feel your horse is ready you can start the circles down the centre line.

If necessary go straight for a few strides between circles to make the exercise a little easier.

When you link the circles together remember to rebalance with a half halt as you change direction

The horse performed this exercise well. We could have refreshed the hind legs at times to maximise engagement and suppleness.

This exercise can also be performed on a serpentine riding the circles each time you touch the outside track.

In all the exercises ensure you keep the circles the same size so working your horse equally.

These type of exercises develop the muscles therefore improving strength, suppleness and straightness therefore balance.

You are looking for your horse to work “straight” on the circles. This means that the hind feet follow the front feet around the circle.