Suppleness and straightness - Leg yield in a straight line

This is a stage on from leg yielding on a circle

It increases strength from behind and continues to work on suppleness

Your horse must accept your outside rein as this controls the shoulders

When introducing this start off the ¾ line to the outside track

This is so the horse learns the movement in stages.

Once you progress to starting off the centre line, ride a few straight steps first then leg yield then repeat.

Once your horse is supple and understands the exercise you can ride all the way from the centre line to the point that you are riding to.

Make sure you do not go too sideways as this will make it difficult and the horse will become tense.This is where your outside leg controls the speed of the sideways movement.

If your horse becomes tense during the exercise go straight for a couple of strides or do a transition or turn a circle

This gives the horse a chance to refocus, relax and continue.

You may find your horse favours one side than the other as the horse does in this video clip.

If this is the case do not worry about it - as your horse becomes more confident and supple in all his work so the leg yields will become more equal.