Suppleness and straightness - Teardrops

These are half circles returning to the outside track.

When first starting these do them in walk to introduce the horse and yourself to the shape, size and direction you want to work with.

In Dressage tests these will be on half 10-12m circles but for training they can be any size and best to start bigger until your horse's suppleness and straightness develops and the exercise becomes easier.

In the canter when you return to the track you can continue in counter canter for some strides once your horse is balanced enough to do so.

If not then do a transition to trot as you reach the track.

As this video shows, in the last canter, the horse didn’t have enough activity and impulsion for the downward transitions. It is important to ride forward into them.

This Activity and impulsion should be created on the straight side and carried into and through the exercise.