The Vault - Jumping a cart table, photo frame to a double of open corners

The table cart you can jump in your stride - I just sat up and balanced Vinnie 4 strides before to ensure that he was truly balanced.

Jumping the photo frame you had to be aware of coming out of the dark into light with the open corners coming up very quickly in bright light. A nice 5 strides to the first open corner gave the horse time to read the fence, keeping your legs on and moving forward. This set you up for  a curving 4 to the 2nd open corner.

The horse can easily duck out to the right on the second open corner if you lose the outside shoulder or if you go too straight then the horse will run down the fence line to the right.

I rode the photo frame and the first corner as I planned but slightly lost the right hand shoulder to the second, which I needed to straighten by having him more leg to hand which would have made Vinnie’s body straighter.