The Vault - Jumping a drop Log into Dell

The approach is through dark woods so you have to be aware of the change of light.  You need a coffin canter with plenty of power this will enable them to not over jump the log and land too far down the slope. If you have your body in a slightly defensive position with your weight equal in both stirrups you will be ready if  they leave a leg. This also allows them to bring their shoulders up and land, let them canter to the sjecond log in a natural canter and don’t chase for it.

The third log was approached by coming up a short steep gravel hill, so make sure the canter stride was short and powerful to jump this.

This fence had no relation to the table that was jumped after it which was a nice 2nd last fence.

We jumped the first two logs well but chipped in to the third, as Vinnie slightly dropped behind the leg and lost power going up the hill.  I should have kept a stronger leg on rather than take my hand off the reins and give him a tap with the whip.