The Vault - Jumping a flower box to water


The Flower box needed to be ridden in your stride on a very slight right to left angle so preparing for the curve line to the water fence. This we rode well.

Water combination

The ground sloped into the brush rail - which can unbalance a horse - and again there was shady light which can make it difficult for the horse to read the fence correctly.  

The jump into the water had a big drop, you needed to have your weight equally in your stirrups and really use your core, therefore being in a balance for part b in the water. This should have been 4 or 5 strides on a curve.  You have to be prepared to adapt quickly in water depending how they have jumped in. There was then a nice 4 to the brush fence on the way out.

I jumped the first element well but slipped my reins which if there had been a skinny might have been more difficult to have achieved  - it certainly would not have been pretty! However on this occasion although my reins were long I managed to keep the contact which was fine for part B in the water.   In an ideal world I should not have slipped my reins but let my arms follow the contact. We lost an overreach here before jumping the nice brush away from the water.