XC - Combination fences on a curve

  1. Take into consideration the ability, suppleness and flexibility of your horse.

  2. Depending on the striding between fences either treat it as a combination or as two independant fences.

  3. When walking the course look out for obstacles that could cause the horse to lose focus.

  4. If the first fence is wide you do not necessarily have to jump it in the centre.

  5. Walk your line with a number of different options and see which will suit your horse best.

  6. When walking the course at the b or c element always look back to the beginning of the combination as this sometimes shows up a different line to ride.

  7. Always commit to the combination and don’t ride backwards.

  8. Be prepared to adapt your line should the jump over the first fence not execute as you planned.

  9. Always be aware if there are alternative b or c elements and shout “Long” if you have to make a last minute route change.