XC - Jumping fences down hill

  1. Keep your body upright

  2. Don’t get in front of the movement otherwise you will push the horse onto it’s forehand and you increase the chance of leaving a leg or them stopping and you going over the top!.

  3. Make sure you have a strong lower leg position and do not grip with your knees as this will tip your upper body forward and unbalance the horse.

  4. When you walk the course make sure you decide where you want the horse to place it’s front feet on landing.

  5. Don’t ride into the fence fast whether jumping a drop or jumping a fence with the ground running away from it as the horse will be likely to over jump it and not land in a balance.

  6. Make sure you have the correct canter which could be a coffin canter or a small ac active canter but plenty of energy so your horse lands where you want it to and not further down the slope.

  7. If the horse trots going into a drop or fence do not hurry them as they are just reading the situation keep your leg on and continue with your plan.

  8. The horse will naturally want to lengthen it’s frame so allow your arms to follow this and keep your connection throughout.

  9. Don’t look to the bottom of the fence going into it or the bottom of the slope on landing as you will unbalance yourself and the horse.