XC - General tips about xc riding

  1. It is the riders responsibility to be safe and look after the horse at all times - this is by being in a rhythm, being in a balance and riding at the correct speed for each fence and the horses ability. It is the horses responsibility to jump it!.

  2. You should start the course progressively and build the speed when you and the horse feel comfortable to go up the gears.

  3. Don’t always be competitive at every event - use some XC runs as training so you and your horse will be prepared for when you want to be competitive.

  4. Ensure you have the correct speed and canter for each fence. Not all fences are jumped in one speed.

  5. If your horse is running from you, you are allowed to choose an appropriate (in between fences not in front of one!) place to circle to get them back or bring them back to trot and then pick up canter again.

  6. When walking the course make sure you take into consideration the ground fences are built on ie undulations.