Examples of common positional mistakes - Seat tipping forward

  • This causes your weight to be over the withers therefore restricting the horse’s ability to lift through them

  • Your legs tip too far back

  • Your body becomes inverted therefore blocking the contact elasticity and you do not have contact through your seat.

  • This then restricts the horse from working with his natural gait and you will find it difficult to maintain a balance.

  • If you jump like this you will be in front of the movement and therefore it will be easier to be unseated.

  • To correct this for dressage/flatwork you should sit tall in the centre of the saddle, keep your weight even in your stirrups and relax through your shoulders.

  • There should be an invisible line from your shoulders through to your hips and heels.

  • Don’t grip with your knees and keep yourself relaxed in your thigh and through your pelvis