In this video we show the horses natural walk to start with.

I do this at the beginning of a training session so that they can warm their muscles up and work in their natural rhythm.

In their natural walk try to ask the horse to stretch down over his back.

Young or weak horses may find this difficult because they may lose their balance but as they become stronger so it will become easier.

Then we move to medium walk where the horse becomes more engaged.

The stride is shorter but quicker and there is more activity in the walk.

This walk you would use in day to day training and your tests.

You are looking for your horse’s hind legs to over track the print of the forelegs for a good walk.

In this video the horse has a naturally good walk. As a rider I need to try and make sure not to be greedy and ask for more.

This is particularly so in young horses like this one.

The rider should sit tall, keep your legs on and weight equal in both stirrups.

When working in walk remember not to get stuck on the outside track, use a variety of movements.