The quiet time is over...

Quiet time over

During the last month the horses and I  have had a quiet spell. Some due to small niggles and others due to let down time and hard ground. We are not rushing to get them out but have entered some competitions from this week on and will take each event as it comes.  I have taken the opportunity to make the most of the quiet time. I had a couple of evenings at Henley Royal Regatta which has become an annual event for a group of friends and even watched the quarter finals of the Football world cup.  As I can’t stand football I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I think it is that competitive streak in me wanting the England team to win!


Gallops and XC

It feels so good to have Ballycoog Breaker Boy (William) back to his best.  He has had a slow start this year due to his muscle injury having got cast. He is so much easier to manage on the ground now as he had become a big thug whilst recuperating.  He has a very active mind and needs to be challenged and is happiest when working - he’s not even really bothered about being out in the field!!! He recently went to the gallops for a gentle workout as I can’t canter on hacks for obvious reasons!! Anyway I do find that working on the gallops at a gentle pace helps to develop the horses strength and balance. I also took him to Attington all weather xc which we had to ourselves.  It pays to get up early - we were riding by 8 and finished and packed up by 8.45am - Both he and The Partner (Conquer) have had a trot and pop session over a few of the Boomerang XC fences where they have got tracks and we also played in the water. This is Conquers first time XC since Houghton and he felt SUPER, he has been to the gallops a few times and is getting back to his best.



We are super excited that this year, for the first time, I have been invited to compete in the Eventers Challenge at Hickstead on the 26th July with The Partner.  I am really looking forward to this and it’s great to have something slightly different to look forward to. It is a competition that I have always wanted to have a crack at.  


Learning Zone

Friday the 13th was a good day.  John Bowen came down for a days training with the horses - I had 5 dressage lessons followed by 3 jumping and I think I can honestly say the horses have never gone better. I had felt recently the horses were all slightly unbalanced on the arena which is sand and rubber and has dried out alot over the last few weeks, sadly there is no water system anywhere near it!!!! With John’s help I managed to make all the horses work with much smaller steps and this made a huge difference to their balance and stability as they were able to work more in a 3 phase trot rather than a 2 phase.  The difference between these is that in the 3 phase they are able to step through and up therefore creating suspension and improved elevation which then improves their strength and balance. The show jumping lessons we had in the Boomerang arena. This was an opportunity to work on course practice with John and I found this very beneficial. Particularly with Vino who can cramp behind when jumping so we worked a lot on a light seat between the fences allowing his hind legs to come through more and relax through the back behind the saddle. This is the area he still needs to strengthen and this will come with time and work.


Vets,Farrier and Kinesiologist

Robert Dallas from Rossdales came out last week to do some 6 monthly jabs so the horses are all ready to do their international competitions during the second half of the season.  We took this opportunity to get him to check some of the horses and give them a once over to make sure all is good for the rest of the season. Martyn Richardson also has been out for the horses regular shoeing.  They had all got a bit thin as a result of the hard ground and poor Vino with his crap feet has got a little bruising - something to be managed and mindful of with planning his work schedule. I also took the opportunity to have an MOT with Lynne who is a Kinesiologist and more.  She works with the body energy and alignment. I find this helps me both mentally and physically and my riding really benefits from it.

I am looking forward to getting back out there and having a successful second half of the season with Blenheim CCI*** and Osberton Young Horse Championships as my biggest Autumn goals.


And lastly...Looking for a good home

Harry, 17 HH bay Gelding, 12 years old, is for sale to a good home.  He hunted before his eventing career and was a super star out in the hunting field.  He has been out at grass and is being sold from the field - there are a couple of aspects that are easily managed and he would love to hunt again. Please call me on 07902565720 or Miranda on 07718271967 for further information.