Suppleness and straightness - Transitions

Transitions are a key factor in all aspects of training

They are changes in gait, direction, stride length and speed.

In this video we just work on basic changes of gait, up and down.

The benefit of transitions is to improve the horse’s balance, encourages the use of their hind legs therefore improving suppleness, contact and impulsion.

It is important to keep your legs on whether your transition is up or down with equal weight in your stirrups, a strong core and sitting tall.

For both upward and downward transitions you are looking for your horse to step under from behind to make the change.

Balance your horse, and make sure it is in front of your leg before any transitions.

You can use half halts to balance your horse before the transition

It is important that your transitions are consistently correct so the horse does not get into bad habits. If it is not correct repeat to make it correct.

This horse works well in this video but occasionally gets a little tense and inverts. This is because he is not as active as needed behind. He finishes on a very good transition.