XC - Jumping Corner fences

  1. Treat corner fences mentally as a vertical fence then it becomes less daunting.

  2. Practice at home in the arena with wings and poles - the shorter the poles the more accuracy you will need.

  3. Practice this as combinations and also on a curve - make sure you keep repeating this so the horse and yourself are very comfortable with it.

  4. When very confident use blocks instead of wings so your horse becomes confident jumping like this as well.

  5. Before getting to the fence prepare by making sure your whip is in the outside hand (the side where the narrowest part of the fence is). This is incase you need to remind your horse not to drop it’s shoulder and run out. However, it is best to use those legs!!! This is because using the whip could take you off your line.

  6. Ride leg to rein with an active canter not speed.

  7. On combinations don’t be tempted to shave your line as you will make the angle more acute and therefore the jump more difficult.

  8. This could increase the chance of a duck out.

  9. Jump between the middle and tip (narrowest part) of the fence not the widest part. There may be a flower pot or obstacle in the middle of the corner to reduce the area to jump.

  10. Pick a point in the distance to line up with to ensure you jump where you planned, such as trees or some other static obstacle.This can be used on all fences.