XC - Jumping into water and finishing the course

Jumping into water

  1. Make sure you are balanced in your seat.

  2. You have good leg to rein contact and channel your horse.

  3. Ensure you do not come in too fast and free (as I did in the video) as this will unbalance the horse and would increase the probability of peking on landing.

  4. If this does happen make sure you are strong in your position so you don’t get tipped forward (and off!!)

  5. Like all fences land and keep travelling forward.

Finishing the course

  1. Keep committed to the end of the course.

  2. Don’t dwell on how well your round has gone until you are through the finish line.

  3. If you have to finish riding up a hill ride the horse to the very top.

  4. Make sure you set up correctly for the last fence - don’t ever take a flyer as it will land in disaster and ruin a good round!!

  5. Stay connected until you have pulled up.

  6. Don’t throw the reins at the horse and let it fall on it’s forehand as it is an easy way for injury to occur.

  7. It may already be on it’s forehand if it is tired.

  8. Ride through the finish line.

  9. Focus to the end.

  10. Gradually bring your horse to a walk - don’t do an immediate stop and get off - canter, trot and walk it out then get off and walk it round in hand.